A new blog appears

An issue you face with software development is that you learn a lot on your journey, but you often forget what you’ve learned. There’s just not enough room in there to fit it all, and you might use something once in six months, six years or never again. It often looks quite daunting as a new developer, seeing these more experienced people throwing out code and being productive, but stick with them long enough, and you’ll see a search engine of choice appear.

They are jogging their memory on how to do stuff, sure, they are comfortable with writing code and laying out a piece of software. Sure, they are productive. But, if they need an algorithm, or a piece of technology they don’t use frequently, the likelihood is you’ll see that browser window open and either a search or a bookmark will be employed.

I have always avoided blogging, because I just can’t fathom why anyone would want to read what I have to write. But then, I started to come around to the mindset that, it’s not about people reading what I write. Sure, that’s flattering and all. But, if I consider it a repository of “here’s how to do X”. Then it starts to become more useful.